Our Story

Millers Superior Electric, LLC

Where our work is Superior!
Family owned and operated since 2009



Matt Miller, the owner of Millers Superior Electric, LLC. started his career in 1990 as a helper, then he quickly moved to a material handler, this is where he started learning which parts were which to become an Owasso electrician. Matt then earned his unlimited journeyman’s license in 1996, from there he earned his Contractors license in 2009 where he then started his own business, Miller’s Superior Electric!



Matt and Robin, married in 1992, who are amazing parents to 4 children, including a set of twins. Their children were within 8 years of each other, so with raising 4 kids so close in age, we were very busy with sports, school, and extra activities! We also have 8 amazing grandkids, who we adore! As parents who raised our kids very close growing up, it is very important to us and a goal we continue to strive for, that our grandkids grow up close together. Family is a huge deal to us! While it had always been Matt’s dream to start his own business, before doing so he made sure all of his kids were old enough to be able to sacrifice the time, energy and efforts it took to build a strong and lasting company.



It had always been Matt’s dream to start his own company as an Owasso electrician. As soon as he passed his contractors test in 2009 he got to work right away and started his own company. He first started off by himself and 1 helper, and doing all of his invoicing and bidding on his own in the bedroom of his home in Owasso, OK. He signed his first contract in 2009, and as soon as he did his business grew tremendously! Matt eventually hired on his first commercial crew, which at that time was 1 journeyman and another helper to make 3 total employees not including himself. Miller’s Superior Electric just grew from there as a premier Owasso electrician, his wife Robin quit her full time job and started doing payroll, and invoicing for the company. Since things got so busy, the business moved from the bedroom, to the backyard in a shed where they had two small desks. At this time they had two vans, and 4 employees. While we quickly outgrew the shed, we then moved to a house with a big garage with Robin’s mom. While Matt and Robin both ran the business they also had a full time job of taking care of Robin’s mom who had Alzheimer’s, this is why they moved their business into her home to help prolong her mom moving into a nursing home. After a couple of years, they started leasing an office building with a warehouse in Tulsa, OK. Where we now have 17 employees in the field daily, 1 material handler, 2 office personal, and 1 full time commercial estimator. We have 2 residential crews, 1 commercial crew, and 1 full time service truck.


As a Native American, family-owned business for an Owasso electrician in Tulsa, OK. We specialize in Commercial, residential and service work. We are known to our daily customers based on our loyalty, honesty and work ethics. We communicate with all our customers and potential customers their budgets, needs and their time frame to make sure we are completing the project within all areas of the customers wants/needs. We are very big for Owasso electrician in communicating, not only with our daily homeowners but also all of our general contractors, other trades, and our builders on the residential side. We believe that if you communicate on a daily basis with everyone involved this will help you stay on top of your projects, which helps us stay within budget and the timeframe.



Do you have any electrical issues you need taken care of? Do you need us to install any ceiling fans, or light fixtures for you? Are you ready to make your home brighter and more energy saving by switching out those old light fixtures and switching over to LED? Do you have questions about your electrical panel? Have you made sure your house is safe, and not a fire hazard? Are you tired of those outlets in your house not working? Millers Superior Electric is the Owasso electrician who you want to call if you want the job done promptly and within your budget! No matter how big or small the project is, we will get it done for you.



We have all been there where we just don’t know what to do next, don’t worry, that’s why we are here. We have experienced techs to help with any issue you may have. Our staff listens from the time you call and from the moment we arrive at your doorstep to help resolve your electrical issue.



Starting with just Matt himself and 1 helper, after 30+ experience under his belt, we are here to help you! Don’t let those electrical issues go without getting fixed, Millers Superior Electric is the company to call. Since we are family owned, we understand the need to find a good company that is experienced, knowledgeable and flexible. Millers Superior Electric is that Owasso electrician company for you and that you can trust!