Giving Back

Owasso Electrician Millers Electric Giveback Dogs

We at Millers Superior Electric truly care about any animal’s well being, but more specifically dogs and cats.

Our team at Owasso electricians with Millers Superior Electric truly care about any animal’s well being, but more specifically dogs and cats.

Each day at our office we have a German Shepard named Klaus that comes to work with the owner Matt Miller. Klaus is like family to all of our employees and our regular visitors at the office. He definitely has a mean bark and growl but he is a sucker for some beef jerky and belly rubs! Before Klaus came to be a part of the Miller family, he was kept on a farm with a muzzle on every night and day because the nearby neighbors did not like to hear his barking, he was kept outside during all seasons, no matter how hot or cold it got. The day Matt and Robin went to pick Klaus up from out of town, it was love at first sight, they all clicked right away. We knew from that moment he would be a part of our family for a long time, and we have kept a promise to him to never put him in a muzzle again.

We wish we could help save every dog that needs a warm home and loving family, but unfortunately because there’s so many abandoned animals yearly it’s impossible. This is why we have chosen to donate 2% of our monthly income to a no kill shelter.

Skiatook paws and claws give back to the community daily, they partner with many local partners to offer many services to local citizens as well to our local animal shelters. To view more information please visit their website at or give them a call.

You may be wondering what exactly Skiatook Paws and Claws have to offer? Well that is what we are wanting to tell you about. They offer the following services:

  • Fostering
  • Adoption
  • NO kill shelter
  • Spay and neuter
  • Resources to families in need with an animal


When we donate to Skiatook Paws and Claws, our donations go to helping the shelter care for the dogs and cats that are waiting in their new homes. We help provide new pet beds, dog food, dog wash items, crates, toys, and collars for all of the animals.

Please remember to spay and neuter your animal to help lower the number of abandoned animals.