I only do we do a residential service as well we also have commercials on service calls we have been helping the top commercial companies for a long time with our electricity and there are lines and appliance connections and wiring you can trust us because if you’re in the market with the auto electrician rather if it’s something small or quick for a service call or a remodel we recommend that you always check our business all online we can get everything done in a timely manner whether the service is big or small Owasso Electrician I hated to hold all your residential and commercial mean you can determine that we are a good company to buy our reviews from our clients on the website or Google page we have trusted clients and we have a team professional going to help you and make sure all your electricity needs are under control and taken care of and that you are left stress-free.

I really help our residential and commercial clients and Tulsa citizens we have a higher standard for ourselves in our projects and we go by blueprints so we don’t get anything wrong with Lee understanding her needs and wants of an electricity project as we have a team of Fessional‘s here are educated and who knows what they are doing and it will be a hassle-free process and will get everything done in a timely manner we are focused on helping you to be and ensure that your home and commercial building is safe Owasso Electrician We are only focused on helping arm residential and commercial clients and citizens in Tulsa we also been giving back we truly care about all the animal’s well-being and specifically dogs and cats too!

Are pet friendly and even have a dog in the office at Owasso Electrician I am at your pet family and we are sure that they will be there for the electricians Giving you the service that you deserve with your electricity to make sure you have a safe environment. We are only busy helping in commercial and residential electricity but we have a cause we support a cause where we offer the following services who we partner with animals with foster adoption no-kill shelters spay and neuter and resources for families in need an animal. So many animals around yearly and we try to help regulate that and to make sure that every animal has a home to go to an affordable for those in need of an animal we totally support no-kill shelters adopting and fostering and what we do here as we donate our donations will be helping the shelter care for the dogs and cats that are waiting on their new homes we provide new pet beds dog food dog wash items crates toys collars and off for all animals. We get back to our community and we highly recommend that you do as well we are happy to serve you and our community.

With any questions or concerns you can give us a call at 918 933 4006 transformation about our services and our giving back please join us at our website https://millerssuperiorelectric.com/

Owasso Electrician | Our Story Is Infinite

With our professional Owasso Electrician own owners and founders established this business in 2009 our business was born and it’s a very important goal for us to strive and we ensure the safety of you and yours we have experts who are trained properly and who are able to use the right materials to for your electricity means in his room since the beginning to start our own company got to work right away and he started his own company in 2009 he first started it off himself as one helper and then now we have 17 employees in the field daily one material handler and two office personnel and one full-time commercial estimator we have two residential crews and one commercial crew and one full-time service truck we are able to serve multiple residents and commercial buildings.

Passionate about what we do here at Owasso Electrician we wouldn’t want anything other than for you guys to be safe and have any electricity and make sure all your appliances and ceiling fans and outdoor lighting work properly not only does I hope that you ensure your safety with all of the helps your electricity bill have any efficient materials and appliances. One of our electrician experts is to make sure that y’all your full appliances will be running dedicated circuits to make sure you know appliances don’t trip the breaker and they are all hooked up properly and they are under the voltage requirements that include your electronic oven stove or range refrigerator standalone freezer or chest freezer dishwasher microwave garbage disposal and all the other large countertop appliances such as icemakers convention oven deep fryer air fryer some of the items listed it may very for the model but we determine a dedicated to making sure that everything is wired properly and hooked up properly so you don’t have to have any electric issues in the future.

Why should you call a professional at Owasso Electrician? Have a team of experts and professionals who have been doing this for years and they are trained properly and are passionate about making sure that your home is safe with electricity we can assure you that you will be able to yeah all your electricity needs to be taken care of nothing is more important to us and the safety of our Tulsa residence and surrounding areas if you have any questions or concerns it please reach out to her professional immediately that you should not try to do any wiring or electricity by your own if you are not a professional and you do not have any experience doing so it will ensure the safety of you and the others in your home.

Any questions or concerns please call us at 918 933 4006 additional information on services you can find it on our website https://millerssuperiorelectric.com/