What are you doing I was an Owasso Electrician at Miller superior electric. I would like to make sure that our communities are safe and our electricians have an experience that they carry the knowledge I would like to make sure that our communities are safe and our electricians I have the experience that they carry knowledge dating 45 years all together that’s a lot of knowledge and we always come prepared we have 11 fully stocked vehicles in a warehouse which is stocked with materials so you won’t have to worry about waiting on it waiting on a shipment for any material we can be quickly brought to our job sites as employees in the field and I have to stop and go to the supply house it will already be in the vehicle in a timely manner and we make sure our texts show up on the job schedule and on time and show all the photos that will be taken about the job and go over the game plan to make sure everything goes plans that day not only do they show up on time but we also give you a text or email alerts about our arrival and when we will be there we like to make it as convenient for you as possible and we like to finish jobs in a timely manner

Our experts have experience in any sort of commercial lighting and whether it be parking lot lights wall packs or lighting for a commercial space is very important for our customers and employees we like to communicate with you and keep you in the loop about everything and we want everything light it up to ensure the safety of everybody whether you’re building a home from scratch or are you were just rewiring a house where our X team of experts will be able to help you professionally and proficiently and we can get the job in a timely manner as Owasso Electrician.

What makes Millers Superior Electric unique? Not only are we serving our electrical needs to our community we have come together contact an Owasso Electrician here at Miller superior electric So I made it a mission to help animals in need specifically dogs and cats and we have made it affordable for families to get a dog or cats at affordable prices we donate to the shelters which are non-kill we donate so the animals can be spayed and neutered for adoption and fostering and resources for families in need of an animal we donate 2% of our monthly income to a no-kill shelter we wish we could help save every dog that needs a warm home in a loving family there are so many abandon animals yearly it’s impossible but we did the best weekend I don’t even want we can for bed beds for pets dog food dog wash items crates dog toys and colors for the animals please remember as you’re sharing the safety of you that you ensure the safety of our animals and others to

We would love to chat with you at 918 933 4006 also you can apply to get a free quote on our website https://millerssuperiorelectric.com/

Owasso Electrician| To The Top!

What is the top Owasso Electrician in town? Millers Superior Electric of course! from the top of your house to the bottom we offer electrical inside and out of your home whether it be a residential or a commercial building we like to ensure and are passionate about the safety of our customers and the brain of your home, timer professionals who are extraordinary and who have a wonderful knowledge of this field unlike any other in town we also are concerned of the brain of your home which it’s called your electrical panel and we specialize in deciding which panel or would work best for your home and the reasons why you would need a new panel of your existing panel has lost its UL rating which means it is no longer holding power like it used to do you have multiple tripped breakers and/or lighting is frequently dim or flicker if you have fuses instead of breakers any burning or melting inside your panel at the panel is rather warm to touch breakers will not rust install a new large appliances older home your panel is in a close closet where a bedroom over use of extension cords or you can get an appointment as soon as we are available with a certified electrician do not hesitate to call we’d like to make sure your families safety.

We are a very responsive team as an Owasso Electrician We are concerned about the health of your family and the safety if there is severe damage like surge protectors won’t be monitoring the amount of voltage that flows between the wiring of your home will be a spike in the voltage and I would like to move it redirect the extra voltage to the ground wire will be able to save your smart devices today by getting to the root of the issue and putting a surge protector in too many devices can actually cause severe damage and we want you to be aware and we inform you and give you knowledge as we are fixing it and we teach you as we go if you’re looking for landscape lighting we can provide the fixtures and installation throughout the wiring up inside and outside of the house if you’re looking for landscape lighting we can provide the fixtures and installation throughout the wiring up inside and her house.

Not only do we get free quotes at Miller’s Superior right electronic it’s hard to find an affordable Owasso Electrician, We offer free quotes and we are affordable and you can pay online for you anything from an electric oven stove, or range refrigerator, standalone freezer or chest freezer which can also be installed in your garage, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposals and any large countertop appliances such as icemakers, convection oven, deep fryers, and air fryers if you have any questions and concerns about your make and model being plugged into your circuits please call a professional and or one of our team members will be able to help you and guide you into the right way we can even get an electrician out there to plug them in for you and to hook up everything for you

For an electrician please call 918 933 4006 for more information about our services please visit our website https://millerssuperiorelectric.com/