Our company was based on family-owned and family-oriented we have a purpose behind our business and we are happy to Surf Tulsa for over 12 years our business is locally owned and operated and we are independently owned and we don’t deal with big electric companies we get calls ranging from homeowners found out they need a permit for done inspected by the city and the electrician never came back to finish the job we are liable and we always finish the job whether it’s a big project or a small project with an Owasso Electrician from Miller superior electric we can guarantee that every job will be done and to your expectations, we will execute every job big or small. We want to guarantee your safety so please just call him one of our specialists to take care of all your electricians here so you don’t get electrocuted whether that is a simple as an appliance or a showing wire or a broken circuit.

This is a family-owned business for an Owasso Electrician also in Oklahoma we specialize in commercial residential and service work we communicate greatly with our customers and potential clients were very big on communicating and daily homeowners that are general contractors and trade builders and rent the residential side if you have any electrical issues that may be taken care of we can guarantee that we can do anything from ceiling fans light fixtures to ground fault circuit and Georgia interpreter residential service arc fault breakers inspections and working on your neighbor’s program. Our family has grown so how’s our business and everything I know we had maybe a cat but for your family and for your kids and for your parents and for your home and for your business and for your employees we have everything you need from ceiling fans of plants wiring electric panels landscape lighting surge protectors and total rewire for your commercial service we will figure out very quickly and within the budget, given our experience commercial our project manager has been dedicated we always come prepared commercial lighting and multi-dwelling units for your commercial service we will figure out very quickly and within the budget given our experience commercial project manager we always come prepared commercial lighting and multi-dwelling units

We love our neighbor here to here in Tulsa and we are raising our family here our focus is on housing and neighborhood services and providing housing programs to meet him to be able to wild rehabilitation and we as Owasso Electricians where give you affordable electricians are in your area we have Affordable services and we are happy to help you whether you are just building a house do you have an old home or do you have Minor or large services that need to happen to your electrical needs

Please give us a call at 918 933 4006 and visit our website https://millerssuperiorelectric.com/

Owasso Electrician | The Importance Of Inspections

As a family on business Owasso Electrician we are dedicated to being involved with our customers and giving them exceptional business we would love to come to your home to inspect whether you are just buying a house or selling a house or once I get everything up to code let’s say you got a something from the cities a lot your electrical wasn’t up to code we can help with that we can re-wiring we do maintenance we do all of the above for electrical we make sure we talk about your concerns and listen and will explain to you exactly what will happen and what is going on and make sure you are in the loop about everything

We work on neighborhood programs where we’re going to hold on raising a family here and I will support them to be able to the program out and it with emergency repair as we have an emergency program with a phone number or you can visit our website and you can get an electrician out to you as soon as possible with a quote within 24 hours sometimes as soon as two hours we have a great credit client review and we are passionate about will be zero nothing will stop us from coming to you to fix all your electrical needs whether the project is small or big we will make it work and determined to help yours with our local Owasso Electrician in Tulsa. Designed to help you and we had you in mind the moment we made this business the correct violations of the need or want in your home we voluntarily Clore closed violations providing an enforcement program to correct any violations it’s been very helpful for locals and I felt many residents by qualified new for a panel grade at your house will be home I’m sure your home as they are running a new D dedicated circuit so those are overloaded we were very close with the city and ensure safety and other things are part of us program safety is our number one so we want to have a specialist come out to you

We are here to serve you we are a family-owned business and we have your family in mind when it comes to electricity and keeping your house colder in the summer and hot during the winter in this crazy Oklahoma climate we understand that you don’t want to have a high electricity bill so we do offer upgrades to your electrical system so you can be efficient and if you get supplies that are more efficient such as efficient dishwasher, washer and dryer and any other appliances that are not up to date. we can help you save a lot on your monthly electricity bill you can call us if your electricity bill is way too high will help you determine and see where the source is to to find the source of what is eating up all of your electricity as Owasso Electrician It’s old they can run test and determine exactly where are issued is coming from

Do you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 918 933 4006 well join us on our website https://millerssuperiorelectric.com/